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The Partridge and the Pelican is that rare thing - a page-turner, seamlessly constructed, with prose that sings, and characters who stay with you. All in all, an exciting debut.
- Julie Kavanagh

A well crafted first novel - Penelope Lively

Hookline Books are chosen for publication by book groups around the country.  The Partridge and the Pelican won the 2010 Hookline Novel Competition.  These are some of the nice things book groups said about it:


  • An interesting and gripping read right up to the end - great climax.
  • Has the suspense essential for a good read.
  • The author has an easy, natural style.The feelings associated with personal loss, changing family circumstances etc were sympathetically represented and thought provoking.
  • I enjoyed it very much. Kept the reader wondering how events were going to unfold.
  • Beautifully written. Captured perfectly that ‘mid-life crisis’ that women often feel.
  • Characters extremely sympathetically drawn – I really cared about them.
  • A real page-turner – it even made me gasp out loud in two places.
  • A very satisfying read.  I loved the way the author wove the various strands of the story together.

Some readers didn’t like it so much.  Here is some of the less complimentary feedback:

  • Too many characters but a good beginning.
  • Too much detail.
  • Too much time switching.
  • Didn’t take to any of the characters.

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